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Panamadera is now accepting pre-orders for Playa Hermosa, a spectacular beachfront eco-community and reforestation project on the Pacific Coast of Panama.
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Reforestation investments may achieve long-term returns exceeding the major stock indices and help diversify your financial portfolio.
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Panama's Law 24 provides tax and residency benefits for qualified investments in reforestation projects.
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Panama is a safe and attractive country perfect for holiday, vacation home, expat living or retirement.
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We encourage prospective owners to visit Playa Hermosa to see for yourself what an extraordinary setting this is.  In order to keep our costs down and maximize the individual time we can spend with serious investors, we charge a fee of USD $200 per group of up to four people visiting Playa Hermosa.  This fee covers a half-day visit to Playa Hermosa, including pickup at your hotel in David, round-trip boat transport, a guided tour of the eco-development, gourmet picnic lunch, swimming and snorkeling on the property’s beaches, and a cocktail briefing with our resident tree expert.  This fee is refunded upon purchase of a Playa Hermosa property.

If you would like to arrange a visit, please contact us at info@panamadera.com.

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