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Panamadera is now accepting pre-orders for Playa Hermosa, a spectacular beachfront eco-community and reforestation project on the Pacific Coast of Panama.
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Reforestation investments may achieve long-term returns exceeding the major stock indices and help diversify your financial portfolio.
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Panama's Law 24 provides tax and residency benefits for qualified investments in reforestation projects.
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Panama is a safe and attractive country perfect for holiday, vacation home, expat living or retirement.
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Welcome to Panamadera

About Panamadera

Panamadera is an eco-development company providing reforestation, sustainable forestry, exclusive retreats, and eco-tourism investments.  These eco-investments are designed to contribute positively to the environment by reforesting previously-cleared land, managing existing forests on a sustainable basis, and protecting extraordinary land from unchecked development activities.

We serve international clients who seek to:

  • Diversify their financial portfolios with secure eco-investments that provide superior long-term returns.

  • Invest in Panama one of the safest, most developed, and expatriate-friendly countries in Latin America.

  • Own spectacular tropical property perfect for a vacation or retirement home, with beautiful views overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, or central mountains of Panama.

  • Gain tax-free status and Panamanian residency with reforestation projects qualified under Panama's Law 24.

  • Protect and improve the natural environment.

Panamadera was formed by American investors who believe in balancing superior financial returns with sound ecological and conservation management philosophies.  We seek like-minded people to become property owners in our projects.

Existing Eco-Investment Opportunities

Panamadera is currently taking orders for these eco-investment opportunities:

If you would like to find out more about our existing eco-investment opportunities, please explore this website and contact us at info@panamadera.com.

Planned Eco-Investment Opportunities

Panamadera is planning to provide additional eco-investment opportunities in the future, including:

  • Caribbean Sea waterfront home sites + reforestation.  Spectacular waterfront home sites bundled with land reforested with native tree species in the Bocas del Toro area.

  • Boquete mountain home sites + reforestation.  Home sites with beautiful mountain and valley views, reforested with native tree species, near Boquete, Panama.

  • Pacific Coast Beachfront Eco-Resort.  Exclusive resort adjacent to white sand beach at Playa Hermosa, offering private guest cabanas, tennis, water sports, hiking, biking, and relaxation.

If you would like to find out more about our planned co-investment opportunities, please explore this website or contact us at info@panamadera.com.




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