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Panamadera is now accepting pre-orders for Playa Hermosa, a spectacular beachfront eco-community and reforestation project on the Pacific Coast of Panama.
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Reforestation investments may achieve long-term returns exceeding the major stock indices and help diversify your financial portfolio.
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Panama's Law 24 provides tax and residency benefits for qualified investments in reforestation projects.
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Panama is a safe and attractive country perfect for holiday, vacation home, expat living or retirement.
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Pacific Coast Teak Reforestation

For investors interested in reforestation-only investments using teak and native species of tropical hardwoods, Panamadera is pleased to announce its Pacific coast reforestation program:

  • Teak and native species reforestation with planned certification by the Forestry Stewardship Council

  • Located on the Pacific coast, approximately one hour from David, Panama and only minutes away from Panamadera's Playa Hermosa beachfront eco-development

  • Flexible lot sizes, ranging from two hectares (approximately five acres) to 20 hectares (approximately 50 acres) and more.

  • Qualifies investor for Law 24 tax-free and Panamanian residency requirements (additional legal expenses required for residency)

Initial Pricing

  • USD $40,000.  Two hectare teak and/or native tree species plantation, including land preparation, tree planting, and management services for five years.

  • USD $15,000.  Cost for each additional hectare, including land preparation, tree planting, and management services for five years.

Please note:  Due to limited land availability and rapidly-changing land prices, these prices are subject to change over time without prior notice.

Initial Orders

Panamadera is now accepting initial orders for our Pacific coast reforestation program.  To reserve your teak plantation:

  • Complete, sign and fax to us the Pacific coast reforestation program "Promise to Purchase Agreement."

  • Wire funds equal to 10 percent of the purchase price to Panama Title & Escrow, Panamadera's third-party escrow agent.

If you would are interested in this eco-investment opportunity, please contact us at info@panamadera.com.



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